Public Education

The Lafayette County Fire Department offers classes to the public or for workplaces, groups and/or organizations.

Classes offered:

CPR – These classes are offered to healthcare providers and/or citizens wanting to be certified in CPR with First Aid.  Participants will either receive a certification and AHA card or you can just request training that does not come with a certification.  All classes are taught by American Heart Association guidelines and the ones that are getting certified are certified through the American Heart Association. The only charge for this class is the cost of the AHA card if you choose to be certified. These classes are taught once every other month on a Saturday morning.  Please view our calendar on the home page for specific dates. These classes are open to the public and are taught at Central Fire Station (50 CR 1032).  A minimum of 5 people need to be in attendance for the class to be taught.  If an organization or group would like to request a private class, the EMS Coordinator can make arrangements to come to your location.  Classes last 3-4 hours except for the AHA CPR in Schools which lasts 1 hour.  There are both classroom and hands-on training involved.  Participants will learn CPR for adults and children as well as choking victims and AED training.


American Heart Association BLS for the Healthcare Provider costs $10.00/person

American Heart Association CPR/First Aid (for non-healthcare providers) cost $20.00/person

Lafayette County CPR does not certify the person by American Heart Association (but we do teach the class by American Heart Association) cost $0

American Heart Association CPR in Schools cost $0

Stop the Bleed: We teach Stop the Bleed to anyone who wants to be certified.  These classes last 2-3 hours and are compromised of classroom and hands-on training.  There is no cost for this course.  Please view our calendar on the home page to see dates this class is available at Central Fire Station (50 CR 1032).

Fire Prevention Training: The Lafayette County Fire Department offers fire prevention education to all age groups. Classes can be customized to deliver specific fire safety education for children, adults, and senior citizens. Our fire prevention programs include Stop-Drop & Roll, Home Exit Drills, Cooking Safety, and General Home Safety. Fire safety education classes are available to any workplace or community group. There is no charge for this class.

Fire Extinguisher Training: The class is a hands-on fire extinguisher training for ages 18 and above. The class delivers information about fire extinguishers and how to safely and effectively use them. The class involves a short talk and hands-on training to ensure the safe and proper use of extinguishers (20-30 mins).  The fire extinguisher class is available to any workplace or community group. There is no charge for this class.