How do I find information on statewide or county active burn bans?

Active burn bans are listed on the State of Mississippi Forestry Commission website.

Can I request a firetruck for my child’s birthday party? Can I have my child’s birthday party at one of the stations?

We do send our trucks to birthday parties with a 2-week notice. It’s dependent upon availability at the time of the party.  We do not allow parties at the stations for safety reasons.

How does my organization find training opportunities? What do you provide?

The Lafayette County Fire Department offers CPR and fire prevention classes to the public.  Depending on which class, we typically can come to you.  Please fill out

if you are interested in one of our classes.

If I need a smoke alarm, can I get one from the LCFD?

Yes, please fill out this form

How do I get a copy of a fire incident or medical incident report?

The owner or occupant can request via email for a copy of the report.  Additional copies must be requested through the public records request form on the Lafayette County website.

Can I burn leaves and brush on my own property?

Yes, as long as there is not a burn ban in place, you can burn on your own property.

Why does a firetruck go with an ambulance to a wreck or on a medical call?

Firetrucks typically respond quickly and are equipped to deal with medical incidents until an ambulance arrives.  Several of our trucks are equipped with jaws of life to aid in extrications from automobile accidents.

I am building a new commercial structure in the county, how do I get a fire inspection? Do I need to have this done annually?

Yes, you do need to have a fire inspection performed annually.  Contact Deputy Chief Justin Sneed.

When and where can I shoot fireworks in Lafayette County?

In Lafayette County, you can shoot residential grade fireworks anytime if there is not an active burn ban.  Commercial fireworks require notification and inspection by the Lafayette County Fire Department.

Will the LCFD come fill my swimming pool?

No, we do not offer this service.