The Lafayette County Fire Department is dedicated to serving the Lafayette County citizens with honor and compassion. The operations command staff consist of Chief, Deputy Chief, Chief of Operations, Chief of Training, Chief of EMS, and four district chiefs. We have 17 stations with 15 engines and 11 squads for fire suppression, EMS, and motor vehicle collision responses. Special operations consist of “LSAR” light search and rescue, rescue one connector boat, and a rescue one 1430 inflatable boat. Special operations provide support for urban search & rescue, water rescue, flooding, trench, and confine space rescue. Over the years we have developed into an all-hazards department with highly trained personnel in the fields above. As the fire service changes and hazards change, LCFD will continue to adapt, train, and be ready for the next response.


Special Operations Include:

  • Overland Search
  • Rescue Boat Operations
  • Rope Rescue
  • Automobile Extraction


Fire District Map
MSRB Grading Map